The first official photo of the 11th Doctor and his new, un-named companion played by Jenna-Louise COleman

The Doctor and his new companion: first official photo

So, here we have it: the first official photo of the 11th Doctor and his yet-to-be named companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

My thoughts:

  1. The 11th Doctor’s costume is steadily becoming more “traditional” – waistcoat, jacket? Very classic series.
  2. What’s with that red bag?
  3. Is the companion trying to sneak a choccie into her mouth?
  4. Oh, no. This is the first companion I look at and feel vaguely paternal towards, rather than vaguely lustful. I’m officially old.
  • Clarissa

    Hmm. She doesn’t look that different from Amy, just less red-haired.

    • True. She has a similar face shape. A lot less tall, though…

    • Thats what i thought what they should have done is promted Clyde and/or Rani

      • Yeah. I do hope the SJA characters don’t just disappear into limbo now, but I suspect that might be their fates.